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Since 1898

Kitchen & tradition

Valencian cooking of La Pepica and his tasty rice, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the sun and good vibes are the best attraction of a restaurant with more than 120 years of history.


Sorolla and the origin of
La Pepica's paella

The special paella "La Pepica" was first made for the Valencian painter Joaquin Sorolla when he visited the restaurant accompanied by other artists. Josefa prepared rice with peeled seafood to prevent becomes dirty.

"He came one night for dinner and he could't carve prawns and crayfish the removed and the peeled in the kitchen, when he returned to the restaurant was served directly the paella with peeled seafood and since then include this dish in our menu" (F.Balaguer)


Customer Reviews

Restaurante todo un clásico en el paseo de la playa de Malvarosa. Lugar para probar algunas de sus variadas paellas. Nos decantamos por la Pepica (paella de la casa tipo Senyoret – tipo Parallada). Paella con cocción al punto con socarrat. Muy buena. Recomendables también algún tipo de pescaditos fritos. El pan tostado con all i oli acompaña muy bien los platos.

Ferran Milian

Ferran Milian

Local guide
El restaurante la Pepica, es emblemático en Valencia y en el Cabañal, en primera línea de playa, la ubicación es extraordinaria, hemos cenado muy bien y muy a gusto, los platos a cuál de todos más buenos, el equipo humano del restaurante es extraordinario, los metres Gustavo y bartual dos grandes profesionales, que administra las mesas y el servicio, precio calidad bien, nos han tratado muy bien, a mi novia y a mí, volveremos, lo aconsejo 💯💯 gracias.
Pedro J. Andreu Perez

Pedro J. Andreu Perez

Local guide

Make your reservation

To guarantee the best service only if you expect reservations at +34 963 71 03 66 or through our reservation form.

Events with a closed menu are not held for groups of less than 30 people.

When a reservation is made on the terrace, due to adverse weather conditions, the service cannot be provided, nor is its placement inside the restaurant guaranteed.

The time of the reservation guarantees to have your table available at that time. Even so, this time is not exact and may suffer some variation. The time of a table reservation does not mean that your rice or food is ready at that time. Once you arrive at the restaurant and place your order, your food will begin to be prepared from scratch. Our rice dishes are made using a traditional and century-old procedure, a procedure that is not short: the rice dishes are made in a minimum of 45 minutes and reducing their time would imply lowering their quality. It is important that you take this indication into account.

Check the prices of rice in our menu.

MINIMUM AND APPROXIMATE PREPARATION TIME: Valencian paella, 45 min. Rest of rice and fideuás, 40 min. We remind you that at specific times the service may exceed 60 minutes.

Paellas are not made for 1 person, minimum 2 servings. Maximum 2 types of rice per table for tables of 7 or more people. For tables of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 people, a single rice per table. Price per diner.

Restaurant founded in 1898, famous for its paellas and seafood, on the beachfront and overlooking the sea.


Avenida Neptuno, 6

Monday to Friday: 13:00h – 16:00h | 19:30h – 23:00h Saturday & Sunday: 12:30h – 16:00h | 19:30h – 23:00h

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