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Our history

The restaurant La Pepica held in 1998, the centenary of its founding.

It was created by Francisco Balaguer Aranda marriage son of a guard barriers of Sagunto (Valencia) and Josefa Marqués Sanchís.. The first, Francisco Balaguer began working on the port of Valencia, and she as a clerk in a bar that served sandwiches to locals and visitors.

After marriage, very young, installed his own eatery in the harbor, so far they have to withdraw from the port area, and outside, continue to serve the same clients snacks and fresh beverages in a carriage.

It was the the Alfonso XIII who gave Francisco Balaguer and 44 more to install granting the beachside their wooden barracks service bathers. Prior to receiving the final concession and build, the places are raffled every year by the “Casa del Pueblo” (people’s house, the official entity who manage the licenses around 100 years ago). It was mounted in June and withdrew in September.

In 1923, the weather was still very summery atmosphere and did not withdraw hemselves but then a storm in October swept all installed barracks. The following year it was built in adjusting to draw this year, where it now stands.

Balaguer-Marquis marriage had eight children, the husband Francisco Balaguer died in 1937 at age 76 and his wife Josefa 1941 at age 66.

Currently at the restaurant La Pepica, the grandchildren of the founders continue to serve with love to friends and customers with the good work they were taught their ancestors.


In front of the beach

La Pepica Restaurant is located on the promenade of Valencia, in front of the beach. The room consists of alarge main hall can accommodate more than 450 guests, where you can hold all kinds of events:  weddings, communions, baptisms, business lunches, family meals… with direct access to the beach Valencia and the Mediterranean Sea. We also have a private room for events and all kinds of private celebrations, but the area more like to our customers is definitely our large terrace to the beach Malvarrosa where you can enjoy our paella while watching the Mediterranean Sea..

Valencian traditional decor and good taste to keep it make La Pepica a safe bet when it comes to choosing where to eat well in Valencia.

Restaurant founded in 1898, famous for its paellas and seafood, on the beachfront and overlooking the sea.


Avenida Neptuno, 6

Monday to Friday: 13:00h – 16:00h | 19:30h – 23:00h Saturday & Sunday: 12:30h – 16:00h | 19:30h – 23:00h

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