We are sorry to inform you that the La Pepica will remain closed following instructions from public health administrations regarding COVID-19, until further notice.

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Kitchen and tradition

Valencian cooking of La Pepica and his tasty rice, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the sun and good vibes are the best attraction of a restaurant that goes way of its 120-year history.

The speciality is La Pepica's rice

The special paella "La Pepica" was first made for the Valencian painter Joaquin Sorolla when he visited the restaurant accompanied by other artists. Josefa prepared rice with peeled seafood to prevent becomes dirty. The visit of Queen Sofia also made another rice were integrated into the card, since being vegetarian was asked a vegetable paella. Today it remains like one more of a variety of paellas of La Pepica.


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Tasting Menu

30,49 € per person taxes included
(minimum 2 persons, drinks not included)

Appetizers (1 person)

Codfish tacos with all-i-oli
Roast peppers with Cod
Grilled Squid with Mary Sauce
Croquettes (Chef's Choice)
Steamed Valencian Mussels (seasonal only)
Fried Small Squid
Valencian Salad
Fried Calamari
Spicy Potatoes

Main Dish (1 x person)

Pepica's Paella
Valencian Paella
Vegetable's Paella
Black Rice
(*)Other Paellas with extra charge Fideua
Sea Bass/Dorado
Veal Scallops


Ice Creams
Seasonal fruit

Coffe or tea

Recommended Menu

42,00 € per person taxes included
(minimum 2 persons, drinks not included)

Appetizers (1 person)

Ham and Cheese
Fried Calamari
Small fried fish
Grilled Shrimp (2 x serving)
Valencia Salad

Main Dish (1xperson)

Pepica's Paella
Valencian Paella
Vegetable's Paella
Black Rice
Other Paellas with suplement Fideua
Sea Bass/Dorado
Grilled Cod
Pork Sirloin


Ice Creams
Seasonal Fruit

Coffe or Tea

Kids Menu

15,00 € per kid taxes included
(one drink included)

Main Dish (to choose from)

Pork Scallops with fried potatoes
Chicken Nuggets with fried potatoes

Dessert (to choose from)

Ice Cream (Vanilla or Cornetto)

Illustrious visitors in La Pepica

Many famous people visited us, highlighting among others, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Octavio Paz or Manolete. But for Pepica all our clients are famous.

Avenida Neptuno nº 6
+ 34 963 71 03 66
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La Pepica's Paella

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